Happy Tails

Allie has a new family to love!! Thank you Battistis for opening your home and hearts! Enjoy your new life sweet girl!


A big thank you to Donna Pastore Budd and Peggy Pastore for adopting Annie (now Miss Priss). She is going to have a wonderful life on their laps!!!


Our sweet little Annie has a wonderful new family to love! Here she is with her new Mom, Louise Senopoulous. Thank you so much! Have a great life Annie!


Aspen is so amazing that her foster family became her forever family. She now has the best mommy & daddy ever, Mulligan's own, Weezie & Jay - thank you!!!


Sweet little "Baby" found a new Mommy to love. She's gonna be spoiled beyond belief! Thank you Florence Leroy!


Little Baylee (Maltese) has a wonderful new family! Thank you Louise Senopoulous and big fur sister “Annie” (also a Mulligan adoptee last year) for adding a 3rd to your already special duo!! Happy Tails!!


Beatrice with her new family!!


Thank you Chi Chi & Tom for opening your hearts to little Bella! She's a sweetheart & will get lots of love!!

Bella Harper

Bella Harper - Another case of love at first sight! Sweet Bella is one lucky girl to have found a new home with the Mancuso/Downer family, where she is so loved & rightfully spoiled!

Bella Rose

Bella Rose has a new Daddy! Thank you Harry Scheld for opening your heart & home to this sweet little girl, & for your generous donation!! We are so happy for you both!


Bellow (now Peanut) was found alone in a parking lot with no mom or siblings. Thanks to the Wood family, he now has a loving family to call his own!!


Bennie boy has a wonderful new family! It was love at first site, for him & the Powers family. We know his life will be filled with love and happiness! Thank you!!!


Benny (now Donut) has found his forever home! Thank you, Judi!


Bentley found his furrever home! Thank you Mike & Lynn Dickerson for opening your hearts & home to this sweet boy! Happy tails Bentley!!


Adorable Bitsie is now part of the Rode family!! Thank you so much Joyce & Dave for opening up your hearts & home to this little sweetheart! Somebody's gonna get lotsa love, for sure!!


Little Blake got his Christmas wish! He’s got a new Mommy & Daddy & 2 canine siblings!! Thank you Sam Bone & Cindy Ogbin for lookin’ after him til he went to his furrever home! Thank you Curro family, for welcoming him into your hearts!


Bloo's leg had to be amputated when he was rescued but he adapted quickly to being an affectionate "tripod." He is now on the road to a wonderful new life thanks to his new Mom & Dad, Laurie & Drew Kotuce. Happy Tails sweet boy!


Bootsie with her new Daddy! A BIG thank you to the Vega family for welcoming her into their hearts & home! She will be loved & spoiled beyond belief.

Boxer babies

Boxer Babies - These 12-week-old pups along with 6 more of their siblings were rescued and are on their way to finding their forever homes!


Buddy was loved every minute of his too short life by his furrever family, Donna & David. He couldn't have found a better family to show him what true love is all about. He will always be remembered with a smile in our hearts. Rest in peace, sweet boy!


Look who’s headin’ to sunny Florida! Lil Oscar, now Buddy, is a travelin’ man. Off he goes with his new Mom - thank you Natalie Fratz!


After sadly losing his mom very suddenly, Buddy now has a new family who loves him beyond belief and spoils him rotten. Thank you June & Mickey Brown for giving him the family he deserves. Happy Tails “Buddy Love.”

Butch and Sundance

Butch and Sundance were thrilled to find a home where they could stay together.


Super cute Campbell found his forever home after his namesake Dr. Campbell worked her magic and fixed his dislocated elbow without surgery. We couldn't be happier that this sweet love is gonna have a great life!


Candy with her new Mom & Dad! She's gonna be loved & spoiled for sure! Best of luck in your new home sweet girl!!


Casper is gonna be so loved & spoiled!! Thank you Dianna !


Charley's new mom, Pam, says she is a total LOVE!! Thank you Gaunt family for giving this sweet girl such a wonderul home!!


Charlie has a new home!!


Charlie - Thanks to Donna & David for giving Charlie a loving home!!!


A very BIG thank you to Terry & Bosco Soultrane for their offer to foster, then ADOPT little Chloe! We LOVE "Happy Tails"!! Enjoy life with your new family Chloe! You're in the bonus round!!


Coco has a wonderful new home, where she will be spoiled rotten & receive all the love she can handle! Thank you Horgan family!!

Coco Lee

Coco Lee went home to the Mommy who rescued her! Thank you, Nancy!!!




Coco is so happy to have found her forever home!! Thanks Mark, Barb & grandaughter, Kira!!


A BIG thank you to Karen & Bill Hosbach for giving little CoCo (Maltese) a second chance at a happy life! CoCo joins her rescued big sister Amy (Papillon) to complete their family. Happy Tails!!


Little Cookie with her new Mommy Meg, big sister Aubrey & brother Gizmo! Lotsa love goin' on in the Pomeroy family!! Thanks so much for welcoming Cookie into your hearts!!


Cooper (formerly Smitty) with his new dad, Sean! He'll be joining the rest of the family, along with his big boxer brother Rex! We thank them so much for giving our boxer boy the loving home & family he deserves!


Cricket found a new loving home!!


Our little blind baby Cricket went to his furrever home! Here he is with his new mom Stacey. Thank you Gorstein family, for opening up your hearts to this sweet boy!


Crissy (now LuLu) has a new family to love!! Thank you Vogt family for welcoming her into your hearts & home!


Fran, Pam & grandaughter Gia are in "doggie heaven"!! They adopted TWO little munchkins, Teddie Bear & Daisy Dukes! Can't thank you enough Simpson family!!


Little Daphne, now "Tink," is gonna be one spoiled little girl! Thank you Rempfer family for being the "spoilers"!! She's a lucky baby!!


Sweet little DeeDee, now Fiona, has a new Mom & Dad! Think she's gonna be one spoiled little girl! Thank you McDonnells for driving 10 hours to adopt her! Love match!


Little Dolly with her new Mom! It was love at first sight. Wishing you both a happy life together! Thank you Faye!!!


Doodle with her new Mom, Traci! Thank you so much for opening up your heart to this sweet little girl!!


A big thank you to new Mommy Janet & (Aunt Pat)! Our little Dora Belle (now Sadie) is gonna be so loved. She has a big brother & sister to show her the ropes!!


Eddie and his new family - love at first sight!


Fancy has a new home!! Here she is with her new mommie, Judi (& her grandson Ben). Fancy will be livin' the good life in New York! Thank you, Judi!!

Fenandez family

Thank you to the Fernandez Family for giving the little girls a wonderful and loving home!!!


After lots of waiting, worry, prayers & tears, Lou Ann Saylor & hubby Rich took home their miracle baby Fendi (now Sandy)! Sandy will be loved beyond belief & will always have a special place in the hearts of many! Thanks so much Lou Ann & Rich!


It’s been a long journey, but Fergi & Ferris (now Sassy & Oliver) are cleared to return to puppiness and off to their forever home. Thank you, Nancy Zuk, for loving them and giving them a wonderful home. Happy Tails, little munchkins.


Little Finn with his new Mom Karen Lee Pantano! He's headed to New York to meet the rest of his family, dad Tom,& big bro Gatsby 🐾. Thank you so much for giving Finn a family to love !! He's a lucky boy!


Thanks to the Gasparo family for giving Fluffy a new home where she is sure to gets lots of love & will even have a furry brother, Chuckie!


Soooo happy for Frankie!! He found a new family to love & entertain! This special little boy hit the jackpot when the Whitman’s opened their hearts & home. Thank you from all of us, & especially Debi Backensto Beers for her liaison skills!!


Gari (now Teddy) got a great home!! Thank you Schoenleber Family!! He’s a lucky little guinea pig!!


Genesis has a new home!!! Woo hoo!

Georgia Paris

Double the pleasure, double the fun!! Thank you Paglione family for keeping these two sweet sisters together. We know they will be loved, & of course spoiled!! Happy Tails!!


Gilligan has been adopted!! Yay!


Sweet little Graycee is gonna be spoiled by her New Mom Amy, & the rest of the Davis family! Thanks so much!!


Happy Harry with his new Mom Barb, & brother Karl! He's gonna have a wonderful life, filled with love and attention!


Harry is so lucky to have found a happy home and all the love he deserves from his new Mommy, Melissa!

Henry Hero

Henry the Hero found a new loving home!!! Yay!


Thank you so much Dana & Patrick! These little boys are definitely lucky to have you as their new mom & dad!!


Hilary & Henry started out so small!!


Hilary & Henry have found their forever home together!!


Holly, now Esmerelda, is very happy in her new home with the Brown Family!


Now that's love!


Ivy has a new home!! Thank you Kron family for adopting yet another Mulligan baby! You're in good hands little sweet little girl!!

Izzy Adopted

Izzy - Thank you Diane (& hubby Greg) for falling in love with Izzy & welcoming her into your home!


Thank you Leigh Ann Heppner for welcoming JJ (now Leo) into your heart! Leo will join sister Lily in a happy loving home!! Lots of cuteness & purring in your house!!! Woo hoo!


Our little guy Jett (now Johnnie) found a family to love. Thank you Simmons family for welcoming him into your hearts!


Kate & Leopold have a new family! Can’t thank the Davis family enough for giving these two munchkins a wonderful home!


Woo hoo! Koda has a new family to love! Here he is with big sister Kerri Ann Brown! He'll help heal some hearts after losing their Bassett hound LuLu. Have a great life running around that big back yard with Olive & Roscoe!! Thank you Brown Family!


Little Lacie is homeward bound with new Mommy Bernice & Daddy Vance! How lucky is she?? Lacie’s gonna be loved beyond belief! Thank you for opening your hearts & home, once again...


Lacy is a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful family to love! Thank you Kron family!

Lenny Larry

Lenny & Larry went home! Thank you so much Gabelberger Family!!


Leo's first night in his new home! Thank you, Betsy, for giving him a furrever home!


Another Happy Tail!!! Karen Phillips thank you so much for opening your heart and home to sweet spunky Leo. We are so excited for you both in this new chapter in your lives. We know Leo has found his furever home.


Sweet little Lexi is one lucky girl to have found such a loving home. Thank you soooo much Alice & Dave! We know she will be very spoiled & showered with love and attention.


Lily went home!! Thank you Leigh Ann Heppner!! She is such a lucky girl and will get LOTS of LOVE!!!


Lucy, now Gracie, has a wonderful new Mommie, Sara!! She's gonna be one spoiled little girl!!


Little Lucy has her furrever home!! Thank you Diana Gerstenbacher for opening up your heart to this sweetheart & giving her the loving home she deserves!


Luke (now Milton) has found the perfect furrever home! Thank you, Stacy, for loving this little cutie and welcoming him into your heart and home!


A BIG Thank You to the Lenkowski Family!!! Luna is very lucky to have such a wonderful family to love! You're gonna be spoiled pretty girl!


Miracle Miss Mabel (now Hanna) found her best buddy Cole to play with & love her forever! Thanks Dan (& Cole) for giving this sweet girl a wonderful new life!


Maggie is one lucky girl! Thank you Nikki & Brian for opening up your hearts & home to this sweet girl! She surely will be getting lots of love & attention!!


Maggie Moo now has a furrever home where she is soooo loved!!!


Miss Maggie found her furrever home! Her birthday wish came true! She's in for some major "spoiling" & all the love she can handle! Thank you so much Bonnie & Debbie! You're getting a sweetheart!


A huge thank you to Tina & Phil Finocchiaro who are big supporters of Mulligan Animal Rescue. Little Maggie (Mini Mullie) hit the jackpot when she was adopted by this fantastic family. Happy Tails...have a wonderful life sweet girl!


Marlie is one lucky girl! Many thanks to Tina & Phil for adopting this little cutie who now gets to live with her sister, Maggie. Two is always better than one! Happy Tails, Marlie!


Woo Hoo! Our beautiful black Magic has a new Mommy! Thank you Beverly Carcione for giving her the loving home she deserves! Happy Life sweet girl!


Magoo has a furrever family!! Thank you C. Cummings & K. Linton for giving this little guy a second chance! And a BIG thank you to Janine Lopes Lewandowski for being such an exceptional foster Mom!!! Good luck little Magoo, you hit the jackpot!!


Huge thank you to the Doyle family from us and the Gonzalez family for welcoming Major into their home!! This sweet, gentle giant will be getting lots of love!!


Hooray for Marcello! He found his furrever home! Thank you Marsha & David Caldwell for showering this little guy with lots of love & attention! And a special thanks to Dr. Helen Campbell for doing his eye surgery so quickly before her vacation! Happy Tails, Cello!!


Marilyn has been adopted!!


Marlie's new family! Thank you!!


Matilda found a very loving family! Thank you Hannah Gruber!

Maxie 2

Maxi found love! Thank you Wendy, Carol & little sister Hana! Maxi is a lucky little girl!


Thank you Doyle family! Maxx is a lucky boy to be welcomed into your loving home, as well as getting two poodle brothers to play with! Happy Tails, little guy!


Merry went to her forever home!!!! Big thanks to Jerry for sharing her pic and helping her find her new Mom, Kathy! It was love at first sight! Thank you Kathy for giving her a loving home.


Merry Miracle has a new family to love! Thank you Jenkins family for opening up your hearts and home to this sweet girl who defied death!


Mickey - This super sweet girl has a new home to call her own. Thank you, Cindy!!


Middie (now Jinx) was an early Christmas gift for Lynda! Thanx John, for making her so happy! Behave yourself Jinx, you ornery little Christmas Elf!


Milo - It was love at first sight! Thank you Jeanne for giving this beautiful little boy a WONDERFUL home!!!


Milo is a lucky boy and is going to get LOTS of LOVE!!! Thank you Robinson Family!


Mindy is going to be extremely spoiled & showered with Love!! Thank you so much Linda & Wayne Gilcrest! Best of luck little girl in your new home!!


Yay!! Misha went to her forever home! Thank you James & Wendy!!!


Thank you McCormick Family, for welcoming Missy into your home & hearts! We have no doubt she will be LOVED!




Molina has a new Mommy! Thank you Linda Pepe! Wishing you both a very happy life together with lotsa love & licks!


Molly found her forever home. Thank you, Janet!

Molly New

Molly has found her furrever home!


Miss Molly makes “3”! She’s gonna be loved beyond belief by her new Mom & Dad! Thank you Andie & Bernie Bohac!


Mulligan is a very special boy! He was rescued at 8 weeks old from an Amish puppy mill where he was born without eyes. But, don’t worry, he doesn’t let that stop him from being a very happy, lovable little guy!!


Myla & Mimi - Lovable, bonded sisters who were lucky enough to be adopted together!!


Sweet Nash, now Buddy, is lovin life with his new Mommy, Marie!! We're so happy for you both!!


Thank you Bert Perogine McMahon, & hubby Ed for giving Nikki a furrever home! You just welcomed a sweet angel into your lives!


Little Miss Nikki joined former adoptee Sammy with the Candela family. Little girl hit the jackpot! Thank you once again Candela family!!!


Lucky little "Nyla" has a new home with Mommie Christine and sister Gia! Gia was very happy with her furry Birthday Gift! Thank you both!!


Our feisty little Oliver went to his furrever home this afternoon! He's gonna have a lot of fun playing with his two legged sister & brother! Thank you Mariniello family for welcoming him into your hearts & home!

Oliver Dog

Sweet Oliver went to his furrever home today!! Here he is with his new Mom, Nancy Davis, & his big brother, Ryan! Have a happy life little man!! Thank you, Nancy!!


BIG thank you to the Fratta Family for adopting Oliver (now Austin). He is one lucky boy!! Happy Tails, cutie pie!


Opal and her new mommy!


Opie (now Zeus) is loving his new life with the Kane family! Thank you for opening your hearts to this sweet little boy!


Oreo has a new family to love!! Thank you Walters family & sister “Carrie” for opening up your hearts & home to this sweet boy!! Happy Tails!!


Otis went to his forever home! Thank you Courtney!!! He is going to have a wonderful life getting spoiled.

Paddy 2

Paddy is excited to start his new life with his loving family!!


Thank you to the Philbin family who adopted sweet little Peanut. We know you will have a great life with your incredible new family including a new fur sister!! Happy Tails!


Penny Lane


Penny & Piper are so bonded as brother and sister -- they were lucky enough to find a home where they could stay together!!


A very special thank you to Dior & Angelo for giving beautiful Petunia a loving home! She’s a lucky little girl!!

Pixie Cindy

Yay!! Pixie will be enjoying life with Mulligan's very own Cindy O!!! Her big sister Mandi & "purr" sister PittyPatty will be showing her what the good life is like!


Pixie is a lucky girl!! Her foster family welcomed her into their hearts & home! Thank you Janine & Tony Lewandowski & brother "Charlie" for your patience, love & generosity!


Potter has a wonderful new family to love!! Thank you Markey Family, Dad Joe, Mom Mona, & Brother Kevin, for welcoming him into your hearts & home! Potter has a nice, big yard in which to play & run, & will get lots of love & attention!!


Reyes is very much loved in his new home with the Gaunt Family!


Thank you Gail, Scott, & "Toby" Oler for welcoming little Rickie into your hearts & home! Pretty sure the little munchkin is gonna have a wonderful life!


Roo has a loving new home!! Thank you Susan Addicot!!


The Acchiones have opened up their hearts & home to our little Rosie! We think she's gonna be one spoiled, loved little girl! Thank you soooo much!


Ruby found just the right family. Thank you, Cindy!


Huge thank you Carol & Wendy for giving Ruby a forever home! She is one lucky girl.

Rupert Reuben

Rupert & Reuben went home!!! THANK you Chris Calabrese for giving the boys a wonderful home! We know they will be spoiled & loved!!!


Miss Sally Jane with her new Mommie Pam! We can't thank the Simpson family enough for giving THREE (count 'em THREE!!) of our rescue babies a wonderful, loving home, Sally being the latest addition! You hit the jackpot baby girl!


Sweet little Sammi lost her mom to cancer last week. She was lucky enough to find a new mom & dad, Dorothy & Paul Becker, to give her all the love & attention she needs! Thank you so much for making room in your hearts Dorothy & Paul! Happy Tails Sammi!


Sammy - A BIG thanks to the Sharman family, Bill, Phyllis & grandaughter Kara! They have a new love, little Sammy! He's gonna get soooo spoiled!


Little Sammy has a new family to love!! He is welcomed by his 4 legged Maltese brothers, as well as Mom, Dad, & 2-legged big bro! Thank you Candela Family! Sammy is a lucky little guy!


Sampson (now Harley) and his new Mommy! We couldn't be happier that this special boy found such a loving home to call his own. Thanks, Barbara!


Samson has a new furrever family! Thank you so much Perone family, for driving 5 hours from Springfield Massachusetts to adopt this awesome boy! He will bring you so much love & entertainment! And quite a bit of "conversation" as well. Have a wonderful life!


Samuel was a tiny little thing when he was rescued from a tree and is now loving his life with Mulligan's own Guetens family!

Sandy Andy Mandy

Thank you Barbara & John Moore for adopting these 3 lucky little munchkins! Sandy, Andy & Mandy, you hit the jackpot!!


Sasha finally found a home! Happy life beautful girl!

Sasha Banks

Little "Sasha Banks" has a furrever family!! Thank you new Mom Tracy Blake & new little brother Lloyd! Have a Purrfect life together!


Sasha - A BIG thank you to the Smith family for opening up their hearts & home to Sasha! Here she is being loved by Alisa & Victoria!


Sawyer - She especially loves her big brother cat, Simon!


Saydee found the perfect match with Uncle Sam! This was truly love at first sight!!


A great BIG thank you to the Rizzos for welcoming Scarlet into your hearts & home. She is one lucky little girl to have been given a second chance with such a wonderful family!

Scooter Zoe

Thank you, Cindy Kennedy & mom, Marie Wayne for opening your hearts & home to these two munchkins! Don't get into too much trouble Scooter & Zoe!!!


Woo Hoo! Shadow has a new Daddy! Can't thank Curt Kowalski enough for giving him the loving home he deserves! They are best buds already!!


BIG THANKS to the Kolinsky Family for adopting Sheldon!!! He is a very lucky boy to have such an awesome family!




Shirley - Thank you Larry & Terry for adopting Shirley (now Mollie) and giving her a loving home!


Snickers (now Nitro) and his new mommy! Thank you Jolyvette!


Sofie (now Sadie Mae) hit the jackpot with her new mom & dad, Rich & Jennifer Mason!! After a long haul with heartworm treatment, she was finally able to join her furrever family. She’s gonna be spoiled & loved beyond measure. Happy life sweet girl!!


Sootie with her buddy, Bailey!


Adorable little Sophie has a new family to love!! Yay! Her big brother "Bama" is gonna show her the ropes! Thank you so much Watson family! She deserves to be spoiled, & you are just the family to do it!


Sparkle went home! Thank you Bernice for giving her a loving home!


Thank you Heald family! Our sweet Stella has a new Mom & Dad to love!!


Sweet little Stormie Rose has a new family to love! Thank you Concannons for welcoming her into your home!


Sweetie (aka Sweet Pea) and her new mommy & daddy!


Thank you Debi & Terry Beers for giving little Sybil, now Charcoal, the loving home she deserves! Little Tully has a playmate!!


Taylor is gonna be sooooo loved & spoiled by her new Mom Andrea & Dad John! She's getting the wonderful family she deserves! Thank you Coulter family!!


3.8 lbs of cuteness, Tigger has a new family to love! Mom Beverly holding him, Dad Dave with his brother Tristan! Thank you so much Collins family! Tigger hit the jackpot!!


Tillie (now Molly) is adopted! Thank you Lori and Karen! Molly is going to be one very spoiled girl!!


Thank you Barbara Peterson for braving the inclement weather just to adopt sweet Little Timmy and for opening your heart and home to this sweet little one. He will be so loved by his new Mom, fur brother and fur sister. Have a great life sweet boy and enjoy your new family!


Toby has a new family to love him!!!


Toby with his new Mom, Janet, & his Aunt Pat. He's gonna be one spoiled little boy!! Thank you!!


Tucker is going to be loved, adored & spoiled by two very special people in Connecticut. Thank you so much Seymour family!


When Tully came to us, he had bite wounds & sores, was underweight & very sick. He was rushed to the vet to save his life & he survived!! Now he has a loving home to call his own!!


Sweet little Twinkletoes wen to her furrever home today!! Her new Mommie Dianna adopted Casper from us in March! He happens to be Twinkle's Daddy! Family reunion! Thank you Dianna for giving both Casper & Twinkle a wonderful home!!


Our sweet Ubie Dubie has a new Mom Linda Kogan, & a new sister Rosie! Thank you Linda for opening up your heart & making room for Ubie! Hopefully she will make a big difference in Rosie's life!


Wally now has a furrever home where he is sooo loved!!!


A BIG Thank You to Suzanne Pomeroy, her husband Brian, her granddaughter Aubrey, and former adoptee Molly (white Maltese) for once again opening your hearts & home to give Wormie (on her lap) a great new life. He’s one lucky boy!


Ziggy - Big thanks to Anita & Paul for opening their hearts and home to sweet Ziggy!